Housemarque announce new title, Nex Machina, A Twin-Stick Shooter Developed with Industry Veteran Eugene Jarvis

Housemarque have an action packed, arcade inspired, Twin Stick shooter coming to PS4, and it looks bloody explosive.

In a blog post on the Playstation site, Housemarque details the inspiration behind Nex Machina, while also namedropping industry pioneer, Eugene Jarvis to be involved in the creation of the game. To those unfamiliar, Eugene is the creator of arcade classics such as, Defender, and Smash TV. Nex Machina was previously named, The Jarvis Project before taking on it’s final title.

Nex Machina’s announcement trailer shows what developer Mikael Haveri refered to as “the most explosive top-down action shooter Housemarque has ever created” – which considering the studio’s history includes Super Stardust and Resogun is going to be a tall order.

The trailer shows the game in action, with a story focused on a machine uprising resulting in technology developing a “life” and refusing to be treated as slaves. Ergo we come to the game’s all-out warfare… that’s their polite way of saying no. The trailer begins with some wonderful comic book style artwork before finally showing the in-game footage (At 0:35s) and what looks like absolute carnage. As with previous Housemarque titles, the game looks to run smooth as silk despite the obscene chaos going on all over the show.

It looks like it will be a game to watch, and it seems to be coming in the second quarter of 2017 for PS4. The trailer is below.

Source: Playstation Blog

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