6 great games we recommend from the Humble Fall Sale

The Humble Store is having a massive Fall Sale right now, discounting thousands of games to celebrate the new season. With the deals ending on November the 27th, there’s not much time to rummage through the list and find some cool games to pick up — so we’re here with a few of our favourites to give you some ideas.

For The King by IronOak Games — 40% off at £9.29

For the King is a turn-based, strategy roguelike with a board-game feeling overworld and a combat system reminiscent of classic JRPGs. Players lead a group of adventurers on a quest to defeat an encroaching evil — dungeoneering, defeating magical enemies and journeying afar along the way.

For The King is one of the greatest digital board game adaptations I’ve ever played: its systems and rules are surprisingly pure and easy to grasp onto; its map and missions system is surprisingly in depth, able to feel fresh on each play; and its polygonal art style — from items to the world’s hexes — almost betrays a surprisingly detailed world. The biggest surprise though? For The King has never been a board game.

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Human: Fall Flat 2-Pack by No Brakes Games — 45% off at £10.99

Human: Fall Flat is a wacky physics platformer filled with some clever puzzles as well as a massive capability for chaos. Perhaps best of all, however, is its exceptional multiplayer capacity, with potential for up to eight simultaneous players.

At its heart, it is a puzzle platformer with a simple premise: get to the exit. But this has a twist: everything is based on a stylised, physics-based movement system. You control Bob, who is to a human what a jelly would be to a cake — he’s got the general shape right, but is a wobbly mess.

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Death Road to Canada by Rocketcat Games — 45% off at £6.04

Death Road to Canada is, in my opinion, likely one of the greatest entries in the increasingly dense ‘Oregon-Trail-like’ space. It’s got style, humour and droves and droves of variety. It’s got a clever character system with hidden traits, tonnes of rare events and the opportunity to play as dogs, amongst much, much more.

Would this be a game for you though? The best way to answer this question is with another question: does the idea of having a shotgun-wielding dog as your party leader sound fun? Would a wrestler picking up your car and throwing it at the undead horde be something entertaining? If so, then you’re onto a winner here. Death Road to Canada is a roguelike that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s tough, but with so much variety that another run is practically demanded upon your untimely demise.

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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! by Vertigo Gaming Inc — 50% off at £5.05

The first Cook, Serve, Delicious game was one of my favourite games of all time; fast-paced QTE action condensed down into a game about making delicious food. Somehow 2017’s sequel was even better. It added more dishes, more ways to prepare food and the option to prepare dishes in advance. In addition to all of this, you could also do paid work at other restaurants and play through the game cooperatively. Perhaps most importantly, the game launched with a ‘Zen’ mode where you could set aside the performance-led pacing for a more chilled playthrough.

Cook Serve Delicious 2 is a real gem, somehow channelling the best bits of mini-games and quick-time events with a funny, charming, cooking setting. If you can handle the speed of the game then it’s well worth a try. Even then, there’s the zen mode and the fact that the game’s pace rises and falls based on your actions — struggle for a bit, set a nice menu and enjoy the game.

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Songbringer by Wizard Fu Games — -50% off at £7.78

A science-fiction, action RPG which follows the classic adventure game formula, Songbringer is an extremely enjoyable roguelike with a light metal theme. You play as a human washed up on a shoreline that looks like any other, however the temples and dungeons you must quest through are filled with strange robotic beings and challenging traps.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I absolutely loved Songbringer. It’s the type of game that is addictive and fun and you can easily start playing it at midnight and next thing you know it’s 5:30 am and you have to get the kids up and ready for school in half an hour (that also actually happened). It’s games like this that really endear me to indie gaming, when not only do individuals have the vision for something great, but also the talent to bring it all to life in a meaningful way.

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The Darkside Detective by Spooky Doorway — -30% off at £6.99

A point-and-click adventure game which follows the adventures of a somewhat clueless detective tasked with a series of cases all revolving around the occult and similar mysteries. Before all else is it funny, with the added bonus of being easily digestible due to its episodic-style separation of investigations.

With next to no negatives to its name, The Darkside Detective is an excellent game to grace your collection. Despite a short play-length of around three hours, its charm and sheer entertainment value may just have you itching to replay cases as soon as you’ve put them down. It’s a solid title with a story that is, with all luck, destined to continue.

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