4 amazing indie games on Kickstarter you’ll love July 2018

There are many, many games that try to get funding through Kickstarter. I have spent the day picking out some projects that really stood out to me – and if you like the idea of the games yourself, consider backing them and helping bring them to life!

Bloom Barrage

Bloom Barrage Kickstarter

This multiplayer, competitive gardening game challenges you to have the best garden while also defeating your friends. In a pixel art style, you must plant your weapons, watching them grow and thrive, before harvesting them to chuck at your friends. You can play in single player or in multiplayer, facing against each other in various maps and different game modes.

The main mode of the game, Bloom Barrage, has you collect seeds, throw them at enemies, and score by bringing flowers to your colored planter box. This concept is definitely a unique one, mixing the relaxing pace of gardening with throwing seeds, collecting power-ups, and trying to strategize what you grow. There are two other modes, however, a quick play mode that has you just throwing seeds, and a relaxed mode where you can just garden to your heart’s desire.

If you don’t have friends, the game will have AI to face off against — or you can cross play on iOS and Android devices.

Currently Bloom Barrage does have a Beta Sign-up, so you can take on the current build of the game and see what you think of it.

Check out Bloom Barrage’s Kickstarter Campaign Here.


UpBreakers Kickstarter

Following the lead of multiplayer games, UpBreaker sees you competitively try to help someone move their belongings into a van!

With four to sixteen friends, (either online or local) you must try to clear out a suburban house and pack away anything that isn’t nailed down. You see, the owners of this house have lived together for some time, accumulating various items that they both consider to be theirs. Now, they have broken up, and each individual has hired their own moving company, hoping to get the most items out of the house and into their van.

This game’s aim is to be fast-paced, chaotic, and fun. You can throw boxes, block off areas, slide, jump, and move through obstacles to get the loot to your van. Sabotaging the other team isn’t off the table – just make sure you also focus on collecting objects for your team! Setting traps like exploding boxes and barricading doorways with duct tape can really give you the edge. Someone is counting on you to get the most of their belongings and you will need to deliver to not only beat your rival, but also to get paid.

Check out Upbreakers’ Kickstarter Campaign Here.

No Longer Home

No Longer Home Kickstarter

A very personal point and click adventure game that takes you into the heart of London – into the flat of an average person who has recently graduated university. This game draws from the person lives of the two lead developers, creating a game that most people can really relate to. Through the game, you are able to look through the flat of the main characters, Bo and Ao. They have recently graduated university and are looking to move out and start adult lives.

You are able to dive into the lives of these characters through multiple-choice dialogue and seeing aspects of their everyday life. From staying up late and playing video games to attending BBQs – you will be playing through a stunning and sleek life. Both of these characters have different paths to take, with Bo moving back in with their parents and Ao having to move back to their home country of Japan as visas are expiring. There is even a strange monster lurking in the home.

No Longer Home aims to be a multichapter game, with 20 being the first chapter. 29 sees you exploring a flat in South East London where the developers spent their final year at university. This sets up the game nicely, as it shows where they are leaving for their adult life.

As part of this series, Friary Road, a free game currently on Itch.io, acts as a short prequel to No Longer Home – so you can play it to see a bit of the two main characters and what their general style is.

Check out No Longer Home’s Kickstarter Here.

Inside the Mirror

Inside the Mirror Kickstarter

Inside the Mirror is a mysterious and heartfelt visual novel that follows the life of Yumi, a highschool girl who is struggling to cope with her past life. Before her family became fractured, she was a normal, happy girl, enjoying her life. Once her family split, she became fractured herself, finding it hard to stay motivated and to live her day-to-day life. Not only did her parents split up, but her brother left her – and she doesn’t have any answers as to why or what happened. You must help her uncover the truth behind this story, attempt to mend broken relationships, and to help her find happiness once again.

Filled with dreams of your past, you need to figure out what is going on and find a way to pull yourself back to reality. Your mirror seems to have gained sentience, and your reflection is showing how much worse things can get for you. You don’t want to be trapped in this sad world, but someone else is now pulling you in. There seem to be a big cast of characters, all shrouded in mystery, and each one looking to affect Yumi’s life.

Check out Inside the Mirror’s Kickstarter Here.

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