Watch: First Look at The Warlock, One of the Chosen in XCOM 2’s Upcoming Expansion

Firaxis have released a new trailer which takes a deeper look at The Warlock, one of the three alien champions who will be persisting against players in the upcoming XCOM 2 expansion: War of the Chosen.

The Warlock will join The Assassin, and The Hunter in trying to hunt down and recapture The Commander in the upcoming XCOM 2 expansion. The Warlock focuses on raising up (or recruiting from the dead) new units to fight alongside him as shock troopers – this means he’ll be an effective foe against those who tend to bunch up their units in defensive positions.

As a member of the chosen he’s a little bit different than both the Alien Rulers, and normal enemies. Instead of simply appearing the once, him and the other two chosen will persist through your campaign, growing in strength as you expand your ranks and take the fight back to Advent. If you don’t manage to stop them, or falter their plans to grow and improve, then they’ll become more and more powerful – a big risk as their sole focus is not the destruction of the reborn XCOM project, but the recapture of you, The Commander.

Worse yet, if you don’t defeat The Chosen before the game’s finale then they’ll be present, making the final showdown into an even more deadly mission.

Did you miss the announce trailer for the game? You can find it here.

The three Chosen units are just one of a mass of new features coming to XCOM 2 with the expansion, there’s also three factions who you can possibly ally with (including the recently showcased Skirmishers, advent units who have escaped the hive mind) and a new zombie-like group called ‘The Lost’ who haunt the ruined cities of Earth. Other new features include changes to how characters level up, recover, and even how they interact with each other.

You can find the new trailer, focusing on The Warlock, just below.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen will launch on PC, Xbox One & PS4 on the 22nd of August.

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