Pharaonic: Unforgiving 3D sidescroller to receive physical release this September.

Pharaonic: Unforgiving 3D sidescroller to receive physical release this September.

Milkstone Studios’ Egyptian brawler will be receiving a physical release for PS4 & Xbox One courtesy of publisher SOEDESCO. The Pharaonic Deluxe Edition will release on those platforms on the 22nd of September.

In addition to the copy of the game, the deluxe edition will also include a disc of the game’s twelve-track long soundtrack.

Pharaonic, for those unaware, is a side-on fighting game which requires players to carefully balance between defensive and offensive combat style. The game’s combat is modelled on the combat of Dark Souls – with a focus more on dodging, blocking, parrying and reading enemy moves as opposed to breaking enemies down through flurries.

The story of the game follows an escaped slave who is on a quest to unveil the mystery surrounding  Ahmosis I, the Red Pharaoh. Some help does come in the form of the aid of the Egyptian Deities, however they can only help so much – through blessings and abilities. Even then, the odds remain heavily stacked against the player.

Here’s the game’s features list from its Steam page:

-Explore an Ancient Egypt full of traps and treacherous enemies
-Enjoy an exhaustive, refined and satisfying combat system
-Complete character customization, with hundreds of pieces of equipment at your disposal
-Face impressive bosses and their minions in epic fights full of tension.
-Talk with plenty of colorful characters to fill the blanks in your memory and learn what’s happening to the kingdom
-Discover lots of secondary paths, full of treasures and traps
-Collect dozens of weapons and shields with different combat styles
-Use the powers of the Gods and cast spells that will help you in your journey

The Pharaonic Deluxe Edition is available on PS4 & Xbox One on the 22nd of September. The game is also available digitally, including on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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