XCOM 2 Turned One, Here’s Some Incredible Stats To Celebrate

Back in 2016, XCOM 2 launched on February the 5th, and Firaxis Games have pushed a new video to celebrate the successful year.

The video acts, really, as a facts and figures video, with the total of various stats being displayed, and they’re incredibly interesting. Within the first year of players playing XCOM 2 in the war against ADVENT, there have been,

  • 28,368,606 Flawless Missions,
  • 38,249,909 Hacked Awards,
  • 15,064,504 Gremlin Kills,
  • 262,370 Flamethrower Kills
  • 82,885,490 Melee Kills,
  • 136,492,337 Total Number of Promotions Earned,
  • 6,540,485 Soldiers Left Behind,
  • 50,165,857 Soldiers Killed,
  • 807,304,907 Enemies Killed,
  • 164,953,746 Campaigns Completed,

And that’s all the stats, admittedly the above stats look far nicer in the actual video with their fancy digital font, and glows, but still, those numbers are certainly impressive.

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