Xbox One Update Begins Reaching Players, Adds Features Such As The New Guide, And More

Microsoft have begun pushing out the latest update for Xbox One users, bringing new features such as the new guide, Cortana gaming enhancements, and more.

Xbox Insider members will be gaining an update for the features for the Creators Update. Yesterday saw the update begin rolling out for a small number of gamers, with the rest of the Insider members getting the update over the coming weeks.

The Creators Update will allow any gamer to broadcast their games, and the rest of the features are lovely and cosmetic, bringing community, and performance upgrades with it.

Xbox Insiders should see a brand new Home screen,taking a more sleek, stylistic approach to showing your content. This makes it far more minimal, and simplifies the process of navigating your way around the area.

The new guide is one we caught a sneaky peak at the other week, and is accessible directly from the game. From the push of a button players are able to get instant access to their games, apps, recently played, and pins. They’ll also get access to media controls for when they choose to play their own background music.

There’s a new way to multitask now, with players being able to now quickly record moments by pressing the Xbox Guide and hitting X, or Y to begin the process. There’s also the addition of a new achievement tracker in which players can play a game whilst tracking their favourite achievements. The new guide will also be where players can choose to broadcast directly to Beam, however that will be available in the coming weeks.

Cortana gets a bit smarter too, with her new updates, allowing players to set alarms and reminders about gaming events or sessions coming up. In the coming weeks she’ll be getting more updates and improving her reliability. The Xbox One system will also get an update in which improves how it runs updates, with Xbox One players being able to to keep their console, games and apps up to date independent of which power mode they have chosen.

The introduction of Copilot allows two controllers to act as one, this comes as an act to increase the ease of learning curves for new players. It also comes along to help those who need unique configurations to play their games. Magnifier, Narrator, Rumble Control, and more options over audio output are also coming, making the console far more accessible than before.

Developers will be able to add Dolby Atmos for Home Theater, Dolby Atmos for Headphones and Windows HRTF support for streaming media. Xbox One users will get access to these audio options in the coming weeks, and can expect their Blu-Ray’s to sound crisper, with the console now supporting the beta of Bitstream Passthrough, which decodes audio natively.

There are more updates on the way, with Beam coming soon, Windows Game Mode, Arena, Cortana updates, and more.

Have a look at the official video taking you around it.

Source: Xbox News



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