Xbox One Open Beta begins for Paladins, Title Now Free to Play

The action packed, shooter title has now become free to play on Xbox One as it launched into open beta on the 3rd of May 2017.

While Hi-Rez Studios’ title is tagged with, “Beta” players don’t have to worry as the game will now be free to play forever and any progress earned within the open beta won’t be lost when it launches later this year.

The below trailer shows off a fancy new cinematic trailer, giving players a taste of the humour within the title and the characters involved. Two teams battle it out with fantasy themed weapons and abilities, with each character being customised with a card based load out system.

Paladins was previously in a closed beta state, and with the free to play announcement, there’s going to be more players joining the 8.5 million+ players currently part of the title. To celebrate players that log into the game from the 3rd of May until the 7th of May will get to watch the bonus gold roll which will unlock new champions and chests.

Players can, if they wish pay for the Founders Pack that unlocks all of the twenty-four champions currently available, and access to any future champions that are released, and access to a bunch of bonus beta content.

Craig – or Beefster as you may know him – ran a first impressions piece on the title.

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