Aristeia! Announced, Latest Board Game Coming From Corvus Belli

Corvus Belli have unveiled their latest tabletop board game, and it goes by the name, “Aristeia!”.

The video, that can be found below teases the new board and several character art pieces. The board looks to be a hexagon shape with each point marked with numbers that ends at number six. Within the board there it’s made up of smaller hexagons, mostly white, but with a littering of black hexagons with a lock icon set against a red highlight.

The Aristeia! board game is an independent board game and is an Infinity spin-off in which two players have to manage two competition teams who are part of the greatest show in the Human Sphere. While the boardgame is set within the Infinity universe, it will not be compatible with the metal miniature wargame.

Aristeia! is arriving sometime late this year, but will be available to try at Gen Con, Essen or the Interplanetary.

Source: Aristeia! The Game

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