Wingspan Digital Swoops In

What’s more appealing than a board game about birds? A board game about birds that I can play on the go. Monster Couch’s adaptation of Elizabeth Hargrave’s Wingspan brings the acclaimed game about birds (which has the European and Oceania expansions adding even more birds to the flock) to Steam.

The setup of the game is exactly as one would expect — in line with being a budding ornithologist, you are tasked with attracting as many birds as possible to your reserve. Wingspan’s digital incarnation tasks you with feeding, breeding, and gathering more birds into your reserve so that you may be the best ornithologist out there.

The illustrations of the birds are lovingly adapted into animated cards, complete with each bird’s unique call. This definitely adds to the level of detail that makes Wingspan a standout game when it comes to fauna. I spent more time admiring the birds than making my move, because who can pass up on a cute little sparrow chirping?

Look at all my pretty birds!

Playing through Wingspan Digital was a fun romp, if the game were one in a nature reserve, and birds would be at my beck and call. I do feel the interface can be a little confusing at times, especially in regards to the selecting the three main moves of the game — take food, lay eggs, and draw bird cards. Whilst the tutorial provides insight into how it works, the somewhat clunky interface hinders moves with pop-up flavour text.

All in all, Wingspan Digital is a good adaptation of its board game namesake. With my above points, I got a great deal out of joy simply being able to take the game I love so much into the digital space. I look forward to the European and Oceania expansions being added to this game, as it means I’ll have more lovely birds to admire. 

You can grab Wingspan Digital from Steam.

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