The Walking Dead (S3): A New Frontier, Extended First Look Trailer & Season Details Released

Following it’s announcement earlier on in the year, The Walking Dead’s third season, titled ‘A New Frontier’ has had a few more details confirmed about it.

Back on the 22nd of November we shared some information regarding the third The Walking Dead series – Telltale had confirmed that the first episode will release on December 20th, that the series will be five installations long, and that a physical version would follow (ish) in early February.

Telltale released a new trailer for the season, introducing us to Javier -the new protagonist- and his family, albeit parts of his family, and, well, a somewhat origin story of his family.

They also confirmed that, in a strange twist, the game would launch with two episodes included, likely where the new character’s history, and the tumultuous events that lead up to him meeting a teenage Clementine, require longer to explain.

The developers have explained that players can load in previous save states; and have also, since, confirmed to Eurogamer that alongside a default game state there’s an option to ‘quick-create’ a backstory that matches your previous experience.

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