Here’s That Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer from the Game Awards, and Confirmation The Entire Thing was In-Engine

The Game Awards are always big news for a variety of reasons; be it garish product placement, embarrassing segments, or the awesome news that comes out of (so, just like any award show really). There were a couple of biggies this year, but easily one of the biggest things to come out of it was an extensive, four minute look at the long awaited Mass Effect Andromeda.

If you missed it, or for whatever reason you’ve found yourself here, you can find the full trailer embedded below.

Oh, and, for reference -as there were certainly a few people who dismissed the trailer as featuring pre-fab elements or out-of-gameplay footage- Mac Walters, creative director on Mass Effect: Andromeda, took to twitter to explain that the game was all in engine.

Which certainly ties into the message we were getting from studio head, Aaryn Flynn.

You can find the trailer below,

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