Video Review | Claybook (Xbox One X)


Claybook is the debut title from developer Second Order, a studio attempting to master physics with their own in-house tech, Clayfield, which is deployed (I would say effectively) in this, their latest game.

The clay-centric game launched on PC in late 2017 where it’s received a somewhat mixed reaction. Stefan, as visible above, is reviewing the Xbox One Preview Program build.

Here’s the feature’s list from the game’s Steam page where, at time of posting, the game is 50% off.

  • Play through challenging chapters by your self or with a buddy in split-screen (up to 4 players).
  • Compete against others in the leaderboards.
  • Bunch of achievements that challenges you to use the clay shapes and environment differently.
  • A unique clay simulation and visualization technology that has been designed from ground up for user-generated content, making it easy for players to unleash their creativity.
  • Amazing in-game creation tool that lets you build your own books and chapters and share them with the Claybook community. You don’t need any – technical skills or have modding experience, anyone can create and share directly inside the game without hassle.
  • Discover and play new community creations directly inside the game. All of the creations are small in size which makes the discovering and playing smooth experience even with a slower network.

Claybook is available now on PC, Xbox One, and will be coming soon to PS4.

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