This is the Police, the Game, not the Declaration, is Coming to Xbox One, PS4; Release Trailer Within

So, it turns out that the tidy police strategy title that our Brian spoke highly of back  in his PC review last year, This is the Police, has other shores to sail to yet.

THQ Nordic, the far-from frosty publishers of the game, confirmed today that plans were in place for the game, which sees you trying to make a tidy half a million smackers in your last 180 days heading the force, to make its way over to the Xbox One & PS4 at some point in 2017.

Jack Boyd, who definitely sounds like an extra from The Bill, is the protagonist you’ll be filling the powerful shoes (Note to self, research powerful shoes) of as you steer through that six month period of possible sin, and possible being-a-really-nice-bloke.

Oh, when I say he sounds like an extra from The Bill, I mean his name. The chief is in fact voiced by The Duke, with Jon St. John serving as his voice actor.

Trailer’s below, and below that is a link to the Steam page, if your weapon of choice is a keyboard and mouse.

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