Enter The Gungeon’s Free Content Pack on PC is Massive; Trailer, Details Within

With only just over 15’000 google results for ‘Enter the Fungeon’ it was only a small nagging feeling that stopped me from running with that, I’m sorry if you expected more from me.

A free patch has been deployed on the PC version of Enter the Gungeon, with it due to follow on PS4 next week.

The new update includes several buckets full of information; 33 new guns, nearly 200 new levels, more NPCS, more costumes, a new boss, and seven new enemy types.

Ignoring the ever so tempting trailer sitting at the foot of the article, and directing your eyes to the informational GIF that populates the below tweet would do fans of bullets-that-are-actually-guns no harm at all.

There was, of course, also some bug fixes and some balancing tweaks. Another notable addition is the ability to save between floors.

Fans of getting blown to crumbs in a vicious ocean of bullet-hell fury can find it on Steam through the below link. For those who would like to see what that looks like before parting with moolah there’s a video covering the update just below that.

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