Theremin Hero Performs Super Mario Run, Overworld Theme on Laser Harp

YouTube channel, Theremin Hero has recreated the Overworld theme from Nintendo’s first mobile game, Super Mario Run…by performing it on a laser harp.

The first person I saw using a laser harp was in fact, Jean Michel Jarre, performing to a live audience with this stunning instrument.

Now, a YouTube channel that specialises in recreating popular video game, film, or TV show soundtracks such as, Star Trek, or Portal 2, have taken to Nintendo with their laser harp.

For those who are unaware about the epicness of a laser harp, they are lasers, that when a hand blocks the laser, it generates a note. They look incredibly sci-fi, but have been around for some time. The guy in the video has done a top job on replicating the theme with this.

I’m going to go look for a hat so I can take my hat off to him. Good work.

The video is below.

Source: Theremin Hero YouTube

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