Epic Games Japan: “Many Titles” using Unreal Engine for Switch Development

In an absolutely brilliant interview with Epic games Japan representative Mr Takayuki Kawasaki over on Social VR several insights into the VR industry, Japanese market, and Unreal Engine cropped up in conversation.

After a quick work-history from Kawasaki -including Square Enix, and Microsoft- the conversation quickly shifted to his employment as the first employee of Epic Games Japan, and the team he now manages. His role is focused mainly on finding new partners to adopt Epic’s technology, with him expressing both joy and nerves at the role Dragon Quest -a title vastly more popular in the Japanese market than in the West- could play in the companies fate due to the series switching to using Unreal.

Naturally, the conversation shifted onto Nintendo’s Switch. While the discussion was fleeting he stated that there were already many titles using the engine for Switch already, alongside already existing titles that might be making their way over to it. He, understandably, stated that he hoped this would create more excitement about the potential for both.

Honestly, it’s a brilliant read, albeit my experience was hampered by translation software, the conversation is fluid and full of anecdotes; if you follow one link from us today, make it that one.


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