GRIP is Nearly a Year into Early Access; Celebrate With an Amazing Music Trailer

GRIP is a spiritual sequel to the Rollcage series from around the turn of the millennium. As it turns out -shame on me for not knowing- it’s been in Early Access for a little under a year now, with it now into the year of its final release.

Rollcage, for those unfamilliar, was developed by Attention to Detail, and published by the sorely missed Psygnosis. It was a series based around driving stupidly fast and blowing up anyone who gets in your way -Allan, please add commute to work joke here.

Two of the team members behind the original two Rollcage titles, Robert Baker, and David Perryman would go on to work on Grip, and hey, here we are at today.

Anyway, this latest trailer is all about the music featured in the game as standard; however, for those who want a bit less drum and bass there is a custom playlist option in the game.

But, if I’m going to play a game where I’m driving a double-sided vehicle while travelling at sixteen-point-four-million miles an hour and shooting fellow racers then I want the soundtrack to be wubby and hard-of-beat, and that’s what Full Kontact have done.

GRIP is currently available through Steam Early Access for Windows right now, you can find its Steam Page here.

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