The Long Night Update Arrives For Survival Title, The Black Death

The Black Death, a survival title set in the medieval era has received the biggest update for the game yet.

Small Impact Games have pushed the biggest update for their medieval survival title, The Black Death. The update comes with the name, The Long Night, brings an engine upgrade, day-to-night cycles, dedicated servers, and more.

The engine upgrade sees the title moving to the latest version of the Unreal engine, it also has a house improvement system, and a new unlock progression. A new day-to-night cycle has been implemented, and there’s new music to go with the combat overhaul system that has also been included. NPC’s roam the world and take take part in random events, and there are now dedicated servers.


That’s not all though, there’s more, such as campfires, pillaging areas, new spawn locations, new skill trees, and more. Just head to the developers blog post that lists the full change log.

The Black Death is an Early Access title of which fifty players a server can roam the medieval world that spans 8km2. The world is littered with hundreds of NPC’s that go about their daily business, and players can buy and upgrade properties, and with over three-hundred items, with over forty weapons that can be crafted, there seems to be a lot to do.

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