Terry Crews Voicing Doomfist In Overwatch? It Sounds Like He Is

Terry Crew’s visited Blizzard the other day to visit the Overwatch team, and since then he has tweeted a possible confirmation.

Overwatch has a huge amount of players, and one of those are in-fact, Terry Crews. He recently paid a visit to Blizzard and tweeted out a picture of him stood in front of the Overwatch logo, asking his following who would like to hear him voice the character, “Doomfist”.


Doomfist comes from the games history and is a name passed on between those who wield a mighty gauntlet. There have been three Doomfist’s in Overwatch’s history, While not currently playable, there have been rumours around the Internet stating that there may be a playable Doomfist one day.

I’m unsure if Crews is just generating hype for the game, and pleasing fans making online requests to get him to voice Doomfist, or if this visit was some type of a meeting between Blizzard and Crews regarding it? The tweet to me seems to indicate that it’s looking positive that he’ll be voicing Doomfist. We’ll see.


Source: Terry Crews Twitter

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