Teenage Blob is a unique, colorful, nostalgic game

A fusion of creativity, punk games and indie rock, Teenage Blob is a strangely nostalgic yet totally unique game, where you take the place of a teenager who also happens to be a blob.

You start the game by gaining a bit of story, through the modern teenage way of communicating — text message. Once you have spoken to your friend you’ll find today is the day that you get to see your favorite band play! What an exciting time. After you’re done laying in bed, you get to shape your blob self up, get dressed, and get ready to go out. There’s only one major issue, your shoes are gross and old.

Your mom/dad blob informs you that they don’t have money, but you can go out and work to earn it. In these conversations, you get to pick from a bunch of choices — depending on if you want to have a sassy attitude or be an understanding teenager. 

Your jobs come in two forms; delivering sandwiches (much like paper delivery) but you’re able to do tricks and ruin banners that say No Fun for extra points. This is a fun job, and sometimes you’ll find yourself just gliding down the mountain. Another job is skateboarding while dressed as a frog mascot, giving out high fives. You can gain more money based on the number of bananas you collect and sell to your boss. With this new earned income, hopefully, you can purchase some great boots and enjoy the show.

Teenage Blob

I only got the chance to play the demo of Teenage Blob, but I fell in love with this awkward blob teenager just trying to live their life. It’s a funky and interesting game, with some great music as well!

You can find more information about Teenage Blob on itch.io or Steam.

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