Sunlight Brings Calm in a Short, Meditative Experience

When I enter the forest of Sunlight, I am greeted by an old tree. I am asked how I would describe sunlight to a blind child of mine. I’m told to head further in, and with each step, the wind rustles and the voice of the forest speaks to me in myriad tongues. 

When I step deeper in, there is the glow of flowers. For each I pick I hear the voices again — and I listen. I listen again, and again. Each flower I pick is a story unto itself. I feel my skin and my heart sing with the breeze.

What I can say is that walking amongst the hand-painted forest that is akin to strolling in a Monet. Lush, vibrant colours that sweep across the clearings. Scored by Tchaikovsky, the melding of ethereal voices regales a tale to me, a visitor just passing by. To say that Sunlight is a walking simulator would not do it justice. 

As the winding winds carry leaves, so the forest carries the voices of those before it. As I pass, I find myself thinking and weeping — of lives lost, and lives to be. I expect something to hit me as I traverse the forest — a branch, a stray leaf — but it is my mind that bears the marks. This surprises me, but it is of the welcome sort.


Sunlight is akin to a masterpiece come to life before my very eyes. Shows that games can be a medium for an experience that borders on transcendence. You don’t have to say much, because the game speaks for itself. I would highly recommend experiencing Sunlight at least once in your life. 

As with all things, it will end, and you will bid goodbye to Sunlight.

You will come out of the forest changed, but to say what — that is for you to decide. 

You can grab Sunlight on Steam.

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