Sundered, New Metroidvania from Jotun Devs, Launches Kickstarter; Trailer, Details Within.

Sundered, from Thunder Lotus Games, is now live on Kickstarter, with a modest budget goal of $25’000 CA.

Thunder Lotus Games, best known for their beautiful adventure title Jotun, have launched a Kickstarter for their next title Sundered. They’re targeting a paltry $25k CA (Approx £15.7k) and seeking user input for the title, which is currently expected to launch in July of this year.

The game itself is in late Alpha form, with most gameplay mechanics in place. The developers are looking at rolling out an alpha build to backers in February, and then a beta build in April, giving players the chance to alter, tweak and adjust the difficulty and content distribution in the title prior to its final release.

Sundered, for those of you who have not heard of it, has an ability system which functions like the progression mechanics of adventure games like Zelda, Metroid, and Wonder Boy. Players spend their earnings from jaunts through procedurally generated dungeons on said abilities, which then allow them to travel further, and explore deeper.

There’s also an interesting mechanic tied to the humanity of the character, who is initially simply a tortured mortal stuck in a limbo-esque world, however as you progress you can trade off your humanity for power, however there will obviously be consequences for those actions.

Sundered is currently planned for the PS4 & PC, you can find the Kickstarter HERE, and it’s trailer below.

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