STRAFE Pre-Orders Open, Exclusive Weapon Shown in Latest Trailer

Devolver Digital have launched a new trailer for Pixel Titans’ upcoming game, STRAFE and with the pre-order bonus bringing an exclusive weapon.

STRAFE is a title heavily inspired by the classic FPS titles of old, echo’ing the 32-Bit colour templates, and the low poly graphics, featuring blood, guns, and rouge-like elements. The levels are all procedurally generated every time you die, and there are over thirty weapons and over twenty types of enemies to shoot down.

Another rather grotesque feature of the title is that the blood remains and doesn’t fade away, leaving behind a devestating bloodbath.

The latest trailer shows the character activating a VV-1N Weapon, grabbing it, speeding up some stairs, then then charging up the weapon as enemies swarm, and then a flash to white. It looks as if the weapon causes an explosion within a certain radius, but it’s a weapon that will be available to players who pre-order the title.

STRAFE will be available for PC, Mac, and PS4 and will be arriving on the 9th of May. The weapon seems to be only available to players who pre-order on PC or Mac according to the ending slate.

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