State of Decay 2 Launching With Three Maps

In a blog post by Undead Labs Community Director, Sanya Weathers she mentions some specifics about the maps coming to the upcoming zombie survival title.

Yes, that’s right, “Maps” not map. Maps. The title will launch with three maps, which kind of leaves the game open to speculation that more maps could be additions to the title in the future, which is confirmed a bit later on in the blog post where Sanya states that the multiple map system will make it easier to expand on the world.

Each map will be roughly the same size as the original map, with varying environments, different missions, landmarks, and more. Players will also be able to carry over everything between maps. That includes all of the survivors in one map, and all the supplies from lockers, and rucksacks. There should also be a partial refund for whatever facilities players built during their stay at one safehouse.

Specifics are apparently due to change the more they test out the game, but it’s certainly sounding a lot bigger than the previous title.

The title will have its release date announced at this years E3, and then we saw some details before the E3 news in which Undead Labs got an interview with Gamespot. State of Decay 2 is planned for a PC and Xbox One release and will support Xbox Play Anywhere

Source: Undead Labs Blog


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