Sonder, Control Time & People in KAMAi Media’s Early Access Title

KAMAi MEDIA introduce, Sonder. The first from an episodic science-fiction adventure series.

Sonder is a Sci-Fi mystery title, brewing with adventure and puts the player in control of space, time, and the lives of anyone that resides within them. You don’t control one protagonist, you control anyone. You’re given a space of time to analyse in which you can choose to either witness the time loop play out, over and over, or you can take control of a character, also grabbing hold of their perspective and guiding them to salvation or death.

Basically, you control time, and people, a cool concept for a game that’s been developed by Petar Kotevski and is currently in Steam Early Access. In-game characters won’t remember anything you do during your time in the section of time given, but you will, and the more you explore, the more mysteries grow in a non-linear fashion, and you can switch characters at any point, and you can control various parts of the ship. Obviously, a game that allows you to control time and restart to the start of the loop is going to come with various alternative endings.

Sonder is due to arrive on PC, and it launched onto Early Access on the 9th of May 2017, the Early Access statement suggests that the game should only be in Early Access for up to six months.

Source: Press Release

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