Sea of Thieves New Gameplay Trailer Explains Co-op & Treasure Hunting

Rare have launched a trailer that shows a plethora of gameplay footage for their upcoming, Sea of Thieves and explain how the co-op and treasure hunting works.

Sea of Thieves, a shared world adventure game by Rare has unearthed a new trailer showing the co-op gameplay in action as well as showing the treasure hunting element to the game.

The trailer shows Senior Designers, Shelly and Andrew Preston sat in a pirate themed set, (or maybe it is actually a real boat, who knows!?) discussing with each other about the games co-op system. For 3:33 they chat amongst themselves with some stunning gameplay shown. The most talked about element is in fact how the players each have different roles and the lack of a individual HUD’s being taken away from the player and put down as in-game world elements is very interesting.

An example is right at the start of the video where they talk about how the sailing is reliant on co-op. The Captain will need a second player to go down and check out the map and shout directions up to the Captain.

The other example talks about how there is only one singular map shared between the players, and if the other players wish to see the map, the map holder will have to physically hold the map out for the players to see it. Give the trailer a watch, it really shows a fantastic immersive system, and I for one and incredibly excited about playing this. I love pirates.

Sea of Thieves is looking to be launched sometime this year on PC and Xbox One

Source: Sea of Thieves YouTube

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