Say Hello to Xbox’s New FREEdom Rewards

Xbox have got a new system in place titled, FREEdom which gives players the chance to win big by playing Free-to-Play games.

Xbox seem to be making a push to increase the exposure of free-to-play games by introducing FREEdom. A system in which you play free-to-play games and perform actions or rack up points to gain a title specific reward.

“With Free to Play games, you get the robust, innovative game experiences you crave with the freedom to spend as you want.”

Currently the biggest rewards being offered is for the FTP title, Roblox. Players are encouraged to just explore player created worlds, and have some fun. Players will need to join Xbox Live Rewards, but then once they’ve downloaded Roblox, for every thirty minutes that the player plays the title on their Xbox One between now and the 28th February 2017, they will gain one extra chance to win. You can apparently earn up to four entries per week.  As for the rewards available, There is a 49″ 4K Ultra HD TV worth about £1,220. A gaming headset worth about £99. four hundred Robux points (In-game currency). A wireless gaming chair worth about £200.

Quite an expensive line up really!

There are four other games available to earn rewards. The difference with these titles is that all you have to do is refer a friend and have them successfully download the game and join up too. Currently the rewards are,

  • Neverwinter: Gain an Experience Booster
  • World of Tanks: Gain the Leg-Up Bundle
  • Star Trek Online: Gain the Large XP Booster
  • DC Universe Online: Earn 500 Marketplace Cash

Warframe is another reward ready title, getting players to play until the unlock five new achievements before February the 28th. If they succeed, they shall unlock 75 Platinum to spend in-game.

Players can also earn up to 17,000 Rewards Credits until March 31st 2017. These include,

  • FREE Pass: Spend at least about £25 ($30 USD) on add-on content for any FTP title in the Xbox Store (Yes, any) between now and the 31st January 2017 and gain 2,000 Reward Credits per month.
  • FREEquent Player: Make one add-on purchase of $5 (Roughly £4) for a FTP title each month, for three months in a row. You can focus on one game or try a new one each month. This lasts from the 1st January 2017 to 31st March 2017. Players will gain 2,000 credits every three months.
  • One-Two-FREE Punch: Make one add-on purchase of $5 (Roughly £4) for three different FTP titles and gain 3,000 Reward Credits per month.




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