Runes: The Forgotten Path Coming to Kickstarter on April 27th, Trailer Within

Runes: The Forgotten Path, a Stormborn Studios production is to arrive on Kickstarter later this month with the hope of achieving their target, which that target, plus more details will be revealed later on in the month when it goes live.

Runes: The Forgotten Path is a Virtual Reality fantasy adventure game that has been in development since last year, the arrival onto Kickstarter will see backers helping to bring the final push to bring the game to completion. The title is designed exclusively for VR on PC.

The title will see players being able to cast spells by using motion controllers to perform the needed movement for specific spells. With an “innovative, locomotion system” called, “The 4th Wall”, players should be able to have an experience that is devoid of motion sickness, along with an extra layer of narrative power.

All in all, the story follows a Wizard called, Leth. Leth tries to escape from a magical sleep prison, he will have to fight enemies, solve puzzles, and gather his lost memories.

The below teaser does what a teaser should do, and doesn’t give much away, but it certainly got me excited. The title shall be arriving on Kickstarter on the 27th April and I’ll be getting a BOOT piece done for it when it does go live.

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