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RPG/Roguelike Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Hits Xbox One this February (Updated)

The Bifather’s Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic, which originally launched on PC back in February of 2015, is making its way over to the Xbox One in March of this year.

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic, for the ill-informed, is an RPG/Roguelike homage which sees you leading a trio of questionable heroes (of your choosing) on a variety of ridiculous quests through a quirky, classic-RPG world.

The game has a range based combat system where the order you have your heroes arrange affects their attack reach, and the same can be said for the enemies. With an unforgiving difficulty and team permadeath (individuals can be revived for a cost) its quite a unique system that makes it pretty obvious where your failings were as you fail another playthrough.

Humour is rife in the game, from the names and descriptions of the deluge of items and enemies, to the strange mutterings of the various NPCs and your own heroes.

The PC version of the game (Steam) currently has a Mostly Positive rating from 250 reviews.

The Xbox One version will launch on 3rd of February for $9.99 / €9,99 / £7.99Xbox Store, it can actually also be pre-ordered on the too, what a world!

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