Minit Announced; Adventure Title Where You’ve got Sixty Seconds to Make a Difference

Devolver Digital have announced a new title called Minit, which is being developed by a team comprised of Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio & Dominik Johann.

The new game, titled Minit, will be shown off at the upcoming PAX South before going on to release on PC later on this year. The publishers also added that there’s a possibility of console release, but just a possibility.

Minit is an adventure game which plays out a minute at a time, with the player heading out to various areas around the protagonist’s house and completing actions which then alter the circumstances of the next restart. As the trailer below shows off, this can be as simple as grabbing a piece of equipment to reaching (relatively) distant landmarks to open up a shortcut to a new area.

It’s certainly an interesting idea, playing on themes we’ve had explored in games like Half Minute Hero, but also in life sims like Harvest Moon with their enforced fatigue limiting daily efforts.

The team’s collective CV already includes titles such as Dr Langeskov, Nuclear Throne & Luftrausers. Notably Kitty Calis’ current works include Adventure Minute which follows a similar motif as Minut and will have likely been a precursor to what we have seen today.

I’m a big fan of the minimalist art style, and the audio completely checks out for me so far. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what comes of the title as the year goes on.

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