Hellion – Super-Tough, Sci-Fi, Multiplayer Survival Game – Seals February Early Access Launch

Zero Gravity Games have confirmed the release date for Early Access launch for their space survival game Hellion.

Hellion, which passed through Steam greenlight late last year, is a promising looking space survival game which sees you traversing the ruins and asteroids of space with your shuttle. Oh, and it’s multiplayer as well.

As detailed in the original GL pitch, the game will feature derelict stations, ships, and ruins which can be stripped down, re-purposed, or even reactivated. The game will contain a innovative damage and degradation model for the in-game objects, with systems in place for micro-gravity, extreme temperatures, radiation, as well as wear and tear, hunger, thirst and fatigue.

If you can survive against the odds there are large multi-crew ships out there, which certainly isn’t a game-breaking boon as you’ll still have to struggle with the in-game communication system which mimics radio communication from a personal level all the way up to ships hailing one-another, and the ability to eavesdrop on other frequencies.

You can find the launch date announcement trailer below.

Greenlight Page

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