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At some point in your life you’ve probably watched your favourite YouTuber – be that vlogger, gamer, beauty artist, pranker, etc – and dreamt about becoming the next big thing on the Online world. Now you can, thanks to Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator.
Pewdiepie's Tuber Simulator
Pewds introduces you around, then vanishes.

Okay, admittedly this isn’t a real, quick-rise-to-fame system, but Pewdiepie, and Outer Minds have come together to create, Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator, which gives you a sort of an insight into what it would be like to run your own YouTu…Tuber channel.

Pewdiepie- 03
Your stats screen shows everything you wanna know, including your most watched videos!

Available for free on mobile devices, Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator brings a fantastically polished, retro pixelated simulator to the hands of the mobile gaming generation.

Initially, when the game begins, you are introduced to Pewdiepie, in the form of a more advanced Paper clip from Word. He’s there in the corner of your device, chattering away through a text box explaining what you have to do, what buttons do what, and occasionally gets some bragging rights into the mix, such as subscriber counts, money, etc. He does hang around for a while, to explain various areas of the interface, but it doesn’t grow boring, it’s actually a really focused tutorial that not only explains the aspects of the game very well, but it also captures Pewdiepie’s Online personality very well.

pewdiepie - 04
Decorating your room with specific items will level up that specifc category

The general aim of the game is simply, become the bestest, most-amazingest, popularist, “Tuber” the world has even seen. Tuber is the term used throughout the game to avoid copyright infringements clearly. There’s a part of the tutorial where Pewdiepie – jokingly – nearly utters the words, YouTube, but

pewdiepie - 06
You start of in what looks like my Mother’s basement. Leave Mum alone please.

stops himself. In order to gain Tuber fame, you have several things to do.

“I’m still going through the game slowly, but even during shopping, or having a bath, I find it very easy to pick up and play for even a few seconds.”

There’s the main hub, your “Room” view, which acts as your “set” standard screen. From this screen you can see your Tuber sat at a cardboard desk, with a chunky computer monitor atop it, surrounded by two walls in the background and the two foreground walls invisible. It’s a small space to begin, but as you progress you can expand the size of your room. There’s a shop feature where you can purchase items for your room by using “views” as currency. To begin, Pewdiepie gives you a webcam for free – because he’s loaded with dolla dolla – to allow you to start making videos, and you are given the option to place it wherever you please, which, in terms of placement is actually very precise. I was expecting, for example, a room sporting a 5×5 block placement and bigger items taking up more empty blocks. As it turns out, there are no blocks, you can literally move an item, pixel-by-pixel. This really impressed me.

pewdiepie - 07

Along the bottom of the screen are the five areas to visit within the game. I’ll start with the first and explain and go on from there.

Make a Video

This area is where you create your content. You’ll see what video catergories are currently trending, indicating that if you create a video using that catergory, you’ll generate views and subscribers. There’s a “Boost” button that implements a rather clever advertisement system. I’ll explain that a bit later. As for the actual system itself, it increases your views for the video(s) you’re creating at the time. Then you’ve got the actual, “Make a Video” buttons, there are three, although for a fair few levels you can only make one video per creation. When you tap the wonderful green button, you’re given three choices of videos with titles you’d expect to see in reality, but you are able to rename them if your desire. Each choice has two categories. And example, Kicked in the Groin – REMIX will have the music category, and the sports category. Choices containing trending topics will flash. There’s also a time under the title, this tells you how long it’s going to take to make that chosen video, and these are real time…times. 1m 59s for a video on drinking bleach!? While the green progress bar fills, you can see a views counter rising. At the end of the video, you then get a subscriber count. Click claim, you add that to your profile stats.Knowledge Tree
This is essentially just a perks screen. Every time your Tuber levels up you will get brains, you use those brains to upgrade your perks. Gain more subscribers to unlock more perks.


This is where you spend ya’ dolla. Along the top you’ve got buttons, starting with video category items, Tuber customization, which relates to clothes, desks, lights, etc. Affordable Items which basically shows you what you can afford. Filters, which filters to specific items, such as floors, chairs, teddies, etc. And then whatever your level, an area to show you what you unlocked. When you level up, if you come here you have to tap to unlock them all. Items are purchased by using “Views”

Social Hub

This is where you can take part in online activities online, such as connecting with friends also on the game, taking part or viewing current events.


These are basically achievements, upload so many videos, get a few brains, subscribers, and BUX. Once quests have been completed they require you to wait several hours, maybe even ten hours, but some allow you to spend BUX to refill the quest.

That’s about it for the buttons along the bottom. At the top left there’s a, “BUX” button, these dollar bills can be used to spend on furniture in the Tuber Customization area, but are very slow to earn, and as a result you are offered the chance to spend real world money to buy in-game money. The highest amount being 79.99 for 14500 BUX. No thanks. Also along the top, there is a constant view of your views and subscribers, and then if any of the buttons at the bottom aren’t selected, you can visit your profile and stats area.

There are also several options for upgrading your Tuber’s appearance, some are free, others will cost you BUX, which can become rather tedious as BUX are hard to obtain unless you want to fork our actual money. However, the options that are available to purchase are quite vast, there’s a good collection of items.

“Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator is incredibly in-depth, I feel like a proper YouTuber now. Triggered.”

pewdiepie - 08
EAGLE! Flies overhead and drops bonuses if you click it and watch and advert

When you purchase an item, you have to wait for shipping before it arrives, this can take a while, which is why I’m happy the game runs in the background and notifies you when your item has arrived. Three taps on the box and your item is where you placed it prior to purchasing. If you’re bored though, you can reduce the time of shipping by playing, “PUGGLE” which from the name, you’d be right in guessing it’s inspired by Peggle. Launch Edgar, or Maya down a wall of pins, hitting multipliers and possibly landing in a big multiplier at the bottom. Time gets passed quicker if you do well, or you can just wait like a patient person. Alternatively you can pay one BUX to instantly deliver, or click boost and watch an advert.

pewdiepie - 9
The event going on at launch was showcasing peoples rooms. Look at this guy…must have paid for it with money.

You can put items you no longer want out in your room into your inventory, and you can even add up too two more rooms on top of your current! There’s a ranking system available to view, and features a load of famous Tuber’s being featured.

What I find interesting is the Advert system. Rather than randomly popping up and disrupting your game, you can activate one ad to play, and in return you’ll gain some in game views, reduce shipping time, and whatever else the game decides to offer you!

Pewdiepie - 10
PUGGLE! This is a great time waster and a time drainer.

Graphically the game is very vibrant, with a pixel art theme, and hosts a nice retro feel throughout. The interface is laid out in a very easy-to-follow way, and it’s easy to remember where things are. When it comes to the audio, the sound effects are simply, keyboard clacking, popping when changing menus, and the music – which I had to tick to allow – is quite chilled out, with some fluttering of dramatic moments. Basically, the music is actually rather catchy, although I personally enjoy the game more with just the sound effects, but that could just be because I was introduced to the game with the music turned off.

“Crazy cat videos, squirells humping trees, Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator seems to have it all, except 450fps slow mo 8K genitals smashed by baseball videos. Which is a good thing.”

I think the game certainly has a few bad points, for example, I’m not a fan of how hard it is to earn BUX, which in turn will edge players closer to spending real money, although this point can’t be seen as too much of a bad thing as the game itself is free, so you can pay for some BUX and feel like you’re helping with supporting those involved. Although it would be nicer to earn BUX a slightly bit quicker. I’m not a fan of the zooming in and out of the room system, as it has potential to be a fluid, zoom rather than steps. I would have also liked to have some custom background option for the empty space around the room. There’s an option to flip the screen horizontally, and snap a screenshot, but it doesn’t seem to allow a save to camera roll, which is awkward. Finally, I am unsure how they would have gone with it, but a collab option could have been a fancy idea, and could have brought a few more faces to the game, guest apperance with Emma Blackery, or Jacksepticeye could rake in double views thanks to their fanbase.

Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator is super fun, super addicting, and incredibly in-depth. The online option to share your room with other players is fantastic and ties the community together even more so. Everything runs smooth, everything feels right, and I can expect to see myself playing for many hours. Won’t be long and I’ll be better than Pewdiepie, and verified.

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