Operation Armstrong — Co-op sneaky sneaky

One of my favourite games on show last year at Pax, Operation Armstrong is an amazing asymmetric stealth/haxor game where one person in a VR headset is an elite secret agent sneaking through a robot infested moon base to complete your objective, while the rest of players (I heard reports of up to 12 players but that was turned down for Pax) are on their phones taking on the role of the tech experts back home. 
Operation Armstrong: An isometric view of the game, showing a robot patrolling corridors
*mission impossible theme quietly plays*

These remote techies have a whole bunch of tasks that are needed to be done, which can be compacted or spread out as much as required, and can change in real time for drop in/drop out playing. These mobile players need to assist the VR player complete their mission by manipulating the level and activating technology to change and help the player. Opening doors, coupling up teleporters across the map and telling the operative how to navigate their way about the map, without getting found out by evil fake moon landing robots. 


To fully enjoy Operation Armstrong, I fear I may need to drastically expand my friendship group, but nethertheless, Operation Armstrong is currently pegged to come out sometime in 2020, and I for one wait to play it. 

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