Hot Brass — top down room clearing

Top-down shooting games were all the rage not too long back, then it seemed like that specific type of game faded away to make way for a more tactical breed. Hot Brass is a great return for that old particular brand of bloodsport.

Sneaking through corridors and clearing rooms with machine precision, Hot Brass is the top-dog in SWAT-style close-quarters combat. In this top-down game, you can shoot people, shout at people, taze them, handcuff them, run, walk, open doors normally, open doors explosively, peek through doors and smash through windows. Using this arsenal of moves, you’ll work your way through buildings, completing your law enforcement objectives, be that making everyone safe or making everyone dead.

Hot Brass: A top down view of several rooms, mostly enshrouded in darkness, a circular police officer arrests a circular suspect.
Update, honey covered handcuffs dont work


Using a dizzying array of weapons and tools, the capacity for really sweet tactical moments is there. I found myself naturally stacking up behind the door to a room full of enemies with my pal. A wet blanket to this sweet ‘cop movie’ heroism is the need for limiting police brutality, so before every encounter I must make sure that not only are they armed, but they are also hostile and so able to be shot instead of being arrested.

While I happened to spend most of my time with Hot Brass at PAX AUS stumbling around the building blindly, leaking a lot of blood over the decor, the levels are tightly built and great to sneak about in. I loved sneaking up on enemies and disarming them. 

While there is no release date yet, Hot Brass is on Steam and has an alpha on the way. 

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