Fork Knights has you playing as fencing foods!

Food fighting takes on a whole new meaning

Fencing food is the name of the game when it comes to the wittily named Fork Knights.

I’m not going to lie, when I went over and played Fork Knights when I spotted it at PAX AUS simply because of the pun name. I wasn’t expecting to find a reinvented Fortnite, of course, but what I did find was a pretty fun game!Fork Knights 

Fork Knights has you playing as various foods that have, somehow, become trained in the basics of fencing and have a mortal hatred against each other. This adequately sets the stage for the game, where you and your piece of food try to not only survive, but stab the other sentient foods with weapons that resembles an unholy union between a snail fork (yeah I did my research) and a broadsword. 

Hopping and rolling around the food themed maps, you’ll fence and parry with the other players, with a surprising level of prowess. Well designed levels with many interactive elements — and a wide range of characters and modes — make this a fresh game to play on the couch with friends. 

Fork Knights is available now for PC. You don’t have to play it on split screen, as it has the Remote Play Together feature in place.

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