Old Time Hockey Skates In For Early 2017

V7 Entertainment have released news that their new game, Old Time Hockey is coming for early 2017.

We actually covered the game back in October as part of our Greenlight Highlight series that you can find here, so we had our eyeballs set for this.

PC, PS4, And Xbox One are going to be the platforms that will receive the game in the new year sometime. It aims to bring back the old school style of ice hockey games, no helmets, punches, smashes, anger, and blood.

The graphics have also taken a nice classic feel of the older sports games, not being loaded with shaders, but instead looking simple, and rather bloody fantastic. Basically, it’s inspired by those games such as NHL ’94, and Blades of Steel.The game brings a 5v5 match to life, and even has a story mode, something that hasn’t been seen before in a hockey game. It’s set in the late 1970’s, with the story following a struggling team in the Bush Hockey League.

 “We also developed a hilarious story mode to wrap all the hijinks together. It’s a daring concept to incorporate narrative into a sports game but we think players will get a kick out of it.”

There seems to be a arcade themed two-button mode supported, as well as your modern day set up most players are familiar with. There’s also, “Beer mode” in which players can play the game with one hand and hold a can of beer in the other…interesting!

You can watch the announcement trailer below, and keep your eyes here for when it releases!

Source: Press Release

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