Bastion Lands On Xbox One, Free If You Owned It On Xbox 360

Supergiant have brought their hit RPG, Bastion to the Xbox One. It’s available for £11.99, however, if you owned the game on the Xbox 360 then you can grab it for free until the 1st January 2017.

If you owned it on the 360 and decide not to download it for free, then after the 1st January 2017, you’ll need to pay full price for it. Basically, get downloading!

Bastion narrates the players adventure in a unique way, with wonderful, vibrant visuals to illustrate the dramatic journey you’ll undergo.

Bringing the game to the Xbox One console means bringing 1080p visuals alongside the Stranger’s Dream DLC. There is also a new load of achievements for players to unlock!

The trailer is below in case you’ve never heard of it before.


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