Old Time Hockey Now Available, Arrives On PC and PS4 With Cheat Code

Old Time Hockey, a rather classic themed hockey sports title that brings back the nitty gritty hockey style has now launched on PC and PS4.

The PS2’s early years are being brought back to life thanks to V7 Entertainment and their Old Time Hockey title. The game brings a classic arcade style from titles such as Blades of Steel, and NHL 94 from the years of the SNES and it’s given a 3D graphical style that looks similar to NHL 2002-2003.

Old Time Hockey invites playersto choose their team and to play dirty, brawl, and take part in the Bush Hockey League. It features local play and a story mode that follows the progression of the worst team in the Bush Hockey League. Players can also choose to play with an arcade themed 2-button control system or a beer mode system in which players can play one-handed. To unlock the Beer Mode immediatly players can type in the classic Konami code at the title screen using the following D-Pad combination.

UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT, CIRCLE (B), CROSS (A). (Brackets for Xbox Controller Support) 

Once the code has been correctly entered, you should hear, “Kill, Kill, Kill” and the option will be in the Advanced Controls area of the options menu.

Old Time Hockey is available for PC and PS4, and has an Xbox One edition planned for April.

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