Game Improvements on the Way As Fumiko! Update Arriving

Fumiko!, the jumping 3D platformer set inside a digital world will be receiving a new update that looks to resolve some issues.

Fumiko is a title that has players controlling an AI character who finds herself rushing away from her testing grounds and becoming stronger as she progresses, but there’s a bigger threat that it trying to stop her. I’m currently in the process of running a video review on the title, but our writer Lara has already got her own written review up and live. You can view that by clicking right here.

The update that’s coming to the title will improve the accessibility for players, and it’ll reduce players finding themselves getting stuck with what I hope will be a way of simply stepping over small bumps in the ground rather than coming to a complete stop. There will also be some redesigns heading to some areas of the game that the developer feels isn’t representing what Fumiko! is about.

Odrez, the developer at Fumiko Game Studio has listed a few changes in a Steam Update Post. In the beginning of the game there are some stairs that players must jump up vertically and in small bunny hops or confusing long distance jumps. Now the stairs are going to be replaced with a simpler platform experience that has a goal to teach the player more simply. Also, when players reach Hyperion, which is the main city in the game, there will now be a map available to view, whereas before players had no idea where to go or where things were. There are other improvements, but the one that stood out to me was the ground marker that players could use as a guide to see where they’re going to land. Previously the title hosts a tiny marker that’s hard to notice, but Odrez has addressed this by increasing the size.

Fumiko! launched last month and there is now a playable demo available to download from the Steam page allowing players to test the title out before they buy. Fumiko! is available on PC.

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