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Northgard Gets New Clan, Say Hello to Raven Clan

Northgard, an RTS set in a Norse themed world following Norse mythology has had a new clan added to the title.

Shiro Games have pushed out another clan to add to the RTS title, Northgard. Originally Northgard had only The Clan of the Wolf, Stag, and the Goat.

The Clan of the Raven bring explorer and merchant skills to the title and get a trade bonus as well as a brand new building, “The Harbour”. The Harbour allows players to hire mercenaries to attack territories, and in using “Krowns” players can colonise those new territories to populate tiles with either Krowns or food..Each clan comes with their own unique starting bonuses and also with unique fame bonuses that unlock the more the Clans fame increases.

Other clans have also been updated with the Stag Clan being able to build the Hall of Skalds without the previously needed Town Hall upgrade. The Goat Clan has a replacement knowledge in which, “Healthy Food” has now been replaced by, “Barricades” and increases civillain resistance by 10% per building. As for all of the Clans, the “Happiness” bonus for “Wealth” has been removed but kept as a Raven Clan specific bonus.

There are more updates for Northgard which brings new features and fixes, they can be found over on the official Steam update page.

The title arrived on Steam as an Early Access title, and the trailer for the Early Access edition can be found below.

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