Noir Chronicles: City of Crime — Crooked cops

Barbara has been murdered and the world is full of puzzles. Important objects are, unexplainably hidden in plain sight Noir Chronicles: City of Crime is another cheesy, point and click adventure game loaded with hidden object puzzles, this outing takes us on a dangerous investigation as a private detective.

We have friends in the police force due to a mystery that happened five years ago (which you can learn about after you’ve finished the full game). Your friend and former lover (well, actually, she seems to be everyone’s former lover) Barbara rings you in a panic, asking for your help, but by the time you get to her house you discover that she has been murdered. You must now explore this cold, dark city in search of revenge! 

Noir Chronicles: City of Crime is much like any other point and click, hidden object puzzle game, although there are some new upgrades to the game. The visuals are far better when it comes to the characters than in previous titles. The character faces look better rendered and have good expressions which they shift through in animations, rather than jumping in frame to frame. 

Noir Chronicles is packed with puzzles and hidden object games, as per the genre standard, but it seems to favor annoying rope-knot puzzles where you must drag knots around the screen so ropes are not overlapping. There was also an unexpected focus on Math puzzles. 

And this game contained a lot of violence. Fighting was presented in the form of Simon-says — having the player try to follow a pattern composed of three spaces; left punch, right punch and head butt. Towards the end of the game, it becomes a guess the pattern of the above three, in order to take down the villain. Even these sequences of fighting don’t really help you though, as you seem to be very weak and pass out a lot. In the end, actually, you just end up with a gun to help you solve your problems..

Noir Chronicles has a pretty interesting story following the death of Barbara. You are a guy called Fox who knows a policeman called Conrad who doesn’t seem to care much about the law. He literally locks you in a jail cell for killing Barbara while admitting that he knows you didn’t do it. I’m not really sure how he got to be a police officer for — at least — the last five years, with that kind of attitude, but then you need to remember that you are a private detective. A private detective who literally ends up being a fugitive escapee, who is beating up random people for associations you cannot link to the case, and who is actively breaking the law.

So maybe this town just doesn’t really care about the law at all. You’ll end up traveling around to the scummiest of places, casinos, bars, sewers, back alleys — Noir Chronicles takes place in the worst parts of the town, showing you exactly where crime hangs out. There are a few twists and turns, and the story unlocked after the full game adds a lot of information about how you know the police officer. Although there was no detective cube or fantasy fairy to help me along the way, I really enjoyed solving this crime and figuring out exactly what happened to my old friend. 

And, it’s pretty great that the cops looked the other way while I got revenge and plotted to murder an individual. As always, Noir Chronicles: City of Crime is another well made, puzzle packed game with a cheesy story to sink your teeth into. 

You can find Noir Chronicles: City of Crime on iOS, Android, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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