Pacer — Challenging, high speed racing

Racing around gorgeous tracks, customizing your vehicle, and finding the perfect car for you. Pacer is a wonderful racing game that puts you up to the challenge.

In Pacer, you’ll find yourself very quickly racing around a not-so-sleek future. The year is 2075 and anti-gravity is a real thing. Racing around anti-gravity tracks allows you to twist, turn and slip through the tracks, really controlling the idea of frictionless racing. Unexpectedly, for the sub-genre, the game contains a single player campaign that allows you to unlock various crafts and tracks, as well as learn how to best race.

Once you are ready, you can race against up to 9 other players in the multiplayer W.A.R. (World Anti-gravity Racing) arena. Pacer also contains weapons to bulk out your car, allowing you to take down opponents in explosive combat. All of this said, Pacer is a challenge — it’s a game for racers who want more than the normal race. It’s going to make you rage until you really learn. 

I got the chance to play Pacer while at Develop:Brighton, where I really sucked at the game. I do enjoy racing games, but I often very much lack the skills needed to really beat other players. Pacer has AI for the single player mode and they’re really tweaked to be difficult to push past. So you’ll really need to have the right movements and know exactly how to drive in order to beat its bots!

You can wishlist Pacer on Steam.

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