Noct Gets Inventory Improving Update Coming Soon

C3SK have previewed their latest update for Noct bringing inventory improvements to the game.

Noct, a 2D multiplayer survival viewed from the skies in a helicopter, while you control the character on the ground, exploring and surviving amongst a wasteland with creatures of horror lurking around.

The update does not have a set date for release yet, but C3SK hope to get it out in the middle of January sometime. The current state of the game hosts a dated inventory system which has become bothersome since C3SK have been expanding the loot tables. The updates to the inventory system are listed below, and while not listed, they tease that there are more features to come.

  • Loot can now be siphoned up so that you are no longer required to stand directly on an item to collect it.
  • Players will now access their inventory from a menu list screen, which will also contain more advanced details and descriptions for the items you carry.
  • Guns will now have the ability to be equipped with accessories.
  • Items will have weight, which will cause encumbrance if your player becomes overloaded.
  • Introduction of bunker storage, so that you can collect items for future use beyond the cataclysm.
  • Items can be stolen from your bunker storage by other survivors.
  • Reintroduction of a basic survival stat system where vitals must be maintained through the collection of food/water/and other utility management.

Noct is available for £6.99 and is in Early Access.

Source: Noct Steam Update Page

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