Nioh 2 — Dying Is Apparently Commonplace

The last time I played an action-adventure as colourful as Nioh 2 was with Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams. When the opportunity arose to test out my rusty battling mettle, I jumped at the opportunity.

Nioh 2 opens up to a plot that sees you taking on the role of a demon hunter ala the Dark Souls series. Going into the introduction, I was mighty pleased that there was a character customisation screen, which meant that I would spend hours upon hours crafting the ideal 3-dimensional person to admire. I came out with my character — a long-haired blond grump. 

It was reminiscent of the Dynasty Warrior character customisation UI, which meant I could be my very own hero, but this time I chose to be a handsome 20-something, because why would you not be one? As I grab my weapons and head past the tutorial area, the opening scene of Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams hits me like a memory from the decade I last played.

Nioh 2
Isn’t he pretty?

As mentioned in the previous sentence, I was but a tiny teen playing Onimusha on a borrowed system, and the moment I jumped upon the very first enemy — a goblin-like Gaki, I felt the pain of 10+ years of rusty gameplay. Getting past this little creature, I am greeted by a bull-like creature storming the village graveyard. 

Determined to prove my gung-ho I charged straight in, and was soundly beaten in three hits. According to Team Ninja, dying is commonplace in Nioh 2. To me, it was a rather embarrassing experience as I find out said boss was optional and meant to be beaten later. 

Nioh 2 was still quite the fun Dark Souls-esque experience and I’ll be finding a way to get the achievement for slamming the boss early on, because my pride demands I look good slaying at Level one. Though the truest jumpscare of this game is that one Gaki rushing at you as you’re meandering down the village path, hoping to grab the next item up ahead.

I’ll get you then, Nioh 2. You can bet on it. 

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