Littlewood — The world is saved, but now you must rebuild

So the world is saved! The monsters are vanquished, villages freed and the evil wizard routed, it’s time for the world to recover in Littlewood

Now comes the fun part, making a new life. In Littlewood you wake up after your final battle, with no memory of the before time. Awoken by your best friend and loyal follower, you begin to rebuild your beautiful town and reunite the kingdom.

The character is deep in the woods, with most of the trees being brown and green, and one tree being purple and blue. There are several ponds
Huntin for them shiny trees

As you start off your village is stark and empty, with naught but your friend Willow’s house, some abandoned industries and scattered and disused fences. Collecting resources from the various bits of nature around the town allow you to begin building new structures, houses for the new residents arriving, amenities and slowly an economy. Building up you begin to receive the burden of leadership, choosing your title, erecting a mayoral office and making decisions in there, organising events for the town and even a spot of cooking to net you some extra coin

An interesting take on the standard RPG/Adventure, there isn’t any ‘adventure’ to go on, you simply exist. Building up your community, interacting with NPCs and focusing on non-combat/exploration are the goal here, and I love it. All of the NPCs that join your town feel unique, and I honestly enjoy having lovely chats with them each day. As the town grows, I feel myself working to make it absolutely perfect, all of my lovely neighbours having their houses designed precisely to their specifications. Modifying the town itself is a charm as well, carving the landscape to create beautiful little hills for your best friends, creating all sorts of municipal supplies to make it all look fancy, and all of the flowers!

Littlewood - I am standing on a town square, with a simple setup for egg hunting day
Huntin for them eggs

Littlewood was released on Steam in late 2020, and has just been released on the Switch (early 2021), but it really feels the benefits of a system as portable as the Switch, Littlewood works marvellously, popping it out to have a quick session of socialising to your townsfolk or travelling off to the endless woods to do a spot of mining for those lovely crystals.

You can find Littlewood on Nintendo Switch or Steam.

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