Nintendo Switch Gets Easy To Use Parental Controls, Trailer Explains

While there has always been parental controls on the 3DS and the Wii, they seemed to be hidden away and forgotten about. Nintendo have released a new trailer detailing the parental controls available for the Nintendo Switch.

In a cute trailer, Nintendo show us what the parents of minors can control when it comes to letting your little mini Bowser play some Switch fun.

The Nintendo Switch Parental Controls comes as an Application for your phone, it acts as your hub where you can control the Nintendo Switch system.

Time Limits allow you to set a daily play limit from your phone. allowing you to set timers from fifteen minutes upwards. When your little Bowser is playing, they’ll get a notification on screen indicating that their time is up. It appears that it will still allow the game to be played to allow them to save progress or finish up a small bit to the game they’re playing. If the player continues playing after the set time, they will get a notification detailing how long they have gone over their limit.

The mobile app will give you a detailed look at the daily limits have been hitting. with over the limit times showing up with red stating that they played over the agreed time limit. This allows the parent to Suspend Software if required. When your little Bowser runs over the time limit, the software will suspend and close down. No further software will be playable for the rest of the day unless the parent knocks in their PIN number to temporarily lift the suspension. This applies to all users.

You can set the time limit per day allowing you to set longer play times for specific days, or shorter play times for others.

You can also see their most played games which allows you to see which games are their most played…obviously. The trailer makes it seem like a way for parents to communicate with their tiny Bowser about a subject they can both enjoy talking about.

As for restricting features you can set the restrictions based on the age range of your mini Bowser. Teen, Child, Young Child, and Custom are the options available. You can control what software your mini Bowser has access too, how their free communication with other players is restricted, and if they should be allowed to post screenshots.

The Nintendo Switch Parental Controls application will be available on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Nintendo YouTube

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