New HITMAN Elusive Target #18 Arrives In Colorado. Trailer Within

The next HITMAN Elusive Target has landed, and #18 sees the Chameleon arriving to Colorado for seven days.

The Chameleon arrived under the cover of the Nintendo Switch craze at 13:00 in the Colorado location. For 168 hours the Chameleon will wander around the location and you’ll have only one shot at taking him out.

You’ll be faced with two objectives, and are also faced with a special contract condition.

Objective 1: Eliminate Richard M. Foreman
Objective 2: Retrieve Documents.
Special Contract Conditions: Eliminate the target with a non-explosive accident

There will be rewards for completing all objectives and escaping the location. If you complete the contract you’ll unlock the tactical gear with a hunters hat, This Elusive Target also allows you the chance to unlock the Winter Suit, a suit which is rewarded for completing five Elusive Target missions with the Silent Assassin rating.

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Source: Hitman News

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