Nidhogg 2 Release Date Confirmed, Trailer Released

Nidhogg 2 developer Messhof has released a new trailer showing off some more of the highly-anticipated sequel’s combat, while also confirming the game’s release date.

Nidhogg 2, which was announced back at the start of the year -in April- will be releasing on PSN and Steam on August the 15th, according to the new trailer.

Nidhogg, for those unaware, was a local multiplayer game originally released back in 2015. It combined bright lurid colours and a simplistic, stickman artstyle with deadly, quick combat. In many ways the game channeled the original Prince of Persia’s unforgiving, height based company, albeit with just a single hit spelling the end of your character.

While the game’s fast, lethal combat remains a core focus, the change from stickmen on almost neon lands and backdrops to what we are here remains the biggest contrast between the two. The new, goofy-looking characters and strange creatures which populate the background are a stark change, but one that fits the ludicrous nature of the game to a tee – after all, why would a game where teams dual to the death for an audience before being consumed by a giant worm be populated with chunky meathead humans? It’s and alien concept in and alien land, and it fits excellently.

If you are interested in reading more on the reasoning behind the changes then the developer released a blog on the subject over on the PlayStation Blog.

Nighogg 2 will launch on PC & PS4 on the 15th of August.

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