News | Rayman Origins Concept Artist Working on new iOS title – Red Story – Launching July

Last week Paris Entertainment announced their new iOS title – Red Story. The game is a play on the Red Riding Hood story but re-imagined as a brightly coloured platformer. It might also look a little famillar for other reasons, that’s because Paris Entertainment count among their ranks Floriane Marchix, best known around here as the concept artist for Ubisoft’s Rayman Origins.

The game is all about retrieving your map that was stolen by wolves, and that map leads you to your grandma’s house. In this constant-runner you’ll be avoiding traps that have been set in your way to stop you from achieving your goal, and you’ll need to collect fire to keep your torch lit, otherwise darkness awaits.

It’s basically an artistically illustrated version of Red Riding Hood, and it looks like there’s quite a lot to do in it. Rather than jumping all over the place, you’ll be able to use the world around you to your advantage, swiping, touching, and tilting to progress closer and closer to that map.

The game won’t be hitting until July sometime however, but until then you can keep an eye on Floraine’s blog or even her Facebook Page and while we’re talking about links, it’s probably worth keeping an eye on Paris Entertainment’s YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook

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